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The Met Scavenger Hunt

the real map now -01.jpg

Visiting the Met in a New way

The Met Scavenger Hunt

Public Space InterventionInteraction Design / Experience Design / Product Design / Graphic Design

Carly Simmons & John Boran

MFA Products of Design
School of Visual Arts
Summer 2018

The Met Scavenger Hunt creates an interactive outdoor experience at The Met steps that sparks desire to explore inside the museum.
The scavenger hunt appeals to a variety of communities both whom live in NYC or whom are visiting the city. At anytime of the year, six objects that exist within the museum are featured in the installation, with each artifact representing a different wing of the museum. These life-size pieces of art act as alternative seating, tables, climbing toys, and photo opportunities for the public. At each of the artifacts, visitors will find attached stamps, that they can add to their Visitor Map. Visitors have two opportunities to interact with the installation -- inside and outdoors. Visitors can collect both a set of ‘outline’ markings on the stairs and a ‘filling’ stamp when they visit designated artifacts inside the museum’s collection.